The digital revolution, hybrid work models emerging in the wake of the pandemic and new generations of employees, are redefining the workplaces as we know them. Focus has shifted from mere facility efficiency to a holistic approach that strives to create the best possible environment for employees to deliver their work – the workplace experience. More than ever before, one size doesn’t fit all. The contemporary workplace being a manifestation of an organization’s unique values and brand, it is a cornerstone in the efforts to attract and retain the most sought-after employees, and a tool for achieving business goals.

Whether a workplace project springs from an organization’s growth, relocation to new premises, a revised strategic focus or simply the ambition to cut square meters, we can tailor a process to suit the customer’s specific needs.

As examples our services include:

  • Client consultancy
  • Analysis and programming
  • Change management, process leadership and user involvement
  • Space planning & furniture design, development and implementation

Read about our take on workplace strategy and design here.

Interior architecture

We believe that thoughtful interior design has a positive impact on people’s moods and well-being. Our interiors form a synthesis between architecture, culture, function and flows, and we create approachable and aesthetic spaces by carefully balancing colours, textures, light and acoustics.

We involve our clients and end users in the design process and collaborate with architects, engineers and craftspeople to create inspiring environments that allow their occupants to thrive and feel at ease.

As examples our services include:

  • Idea and concept development
  • Sketching and design – development, detailing and tendering
  • Interior finishes, colours and materials – detailing, specifications and tendering
  • Custom-made furniture

Design for GMP

GMP, Good Manufacturing Practice, is a comprehensive system for ensuring that pharmaceutical products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.

We have a solid background in pharma design and can offer highly specialized services within GMP regulated projects.

As examples our services include:

  • Gowning strategy development
  • Airlock & gowning room design
  • Cleanroom furniture design

Learn more about design for GMP here.

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