The building is an aseptic filling and inspection facility that contains approx. 3.800 m2 of clean rooms, primarily production suites GMP classified class C.

All furniture for cleanrooms is custom-made in highly resistant materials such as HPL, composite board and stainless steel. Particular attention is paid on detailing, joinery and finish, so as not to compromise cleanability. All materials including sealants and components such as hinges and drawer runners, are suited for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

The interesting challenge in cleanroom furniture design is to develop solutions that meet conflicting requirements, such as good cleanability / sit-stand function, printers and paper / low particle concentration in air, mobile furniture / heavy materials, so it all comes together in a functional and clear design:

  • Sit-stand work desks
  • Sit-stand special desks for welding autoclave bags and cutting single-use hoses
  • Height adjustable washing tables
  • Floor mounted rotating stainless steel shoe racks for airlocks
  • Wall-mounted hinged shoe racks in stainless steel for airlocks
  • Mobile cupboards with special inserts and racks for equipment
  • Cupboards with integrated proces equipment

The project was prepared during a previous employment.

CLIENT: A leading global healthcare company


SIZE: 30.000 m2


STATUS: Completed

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