Bio Innovation Hub

The institute is a bioscience hub for research-based innovation and international entrepreneurship.
It occupies state-of the art facilities in Copenhagen Science City, central Copenhagen, and is designed to meet every need of a life science start-up in a workspace that furthers idea generation, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Through an intense design thinking processes with the management team, a design concept was developed for both labs and offices. The concept of sharing open space also includes the labs where new flexible lab furniture was developed to cater maximum flexibility.

Spaces were programmed by type and area based on functional requirements and the client’s criteria.

Conceptual drivers and facility framework was developed as well as detailed interior design for offices, laboratories and educational facilities.

The original project for the 3rd floor of the building was completed during previous employment.

Scenarios for remodeling the whole building into a unified innovation house was done during employment at Langvad Arkitekter.

Subsequently, layouts for all floors were developed by SNOW Studio.

CLIENT: Confidential

TYPE: Workplace – Office and Lab

SIZE: 2.500 m2

LOCATION: Copenhagen, Denmark

STATUS: Completed

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